“Show Me, Don’t Tell Me”

That was one of the first pieces of Photojournalism advice that I received during my first year at the Corcoran. What my teacher, Michael Connor, meant by that was to construct a visual narrative using ten photos that give the viewer mostly everything they need to understand and connect with the subject’s story. The captions that support these images should merely exist to provide situational context. You would think that the acclaimed work chosen to be on display at FotoWeekDC would at least do that.

This past weekend, I went to check out one of the photo exhibitions at this annual photo convention. One of the exhibits on display was the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) Annual Juried Exhibition. The work by WPOW is always great, but how the photos were organized in this show wasn’t made clear to the public. The exhibition showcased all winning images on the walls, but only one of the images was labeled “Best in Show” next to the photographer’s name; the rest of the photos were only accompanied by the photographer’s name and caption. In addition to those images not being labeled with the award they won, most of the photos appeared to be extracted from larger photo stories. Each photo was strong individually, but the presentation and organizational choices left me feeling disconnected from the stories captured.

Jacquelyn Martin received the Best in Show award for her photos about the Tanzania Albino Killings. She had two powerful images that were on display at this exhibit, but their meaning was not evident until reading the captions. After visiting her website and browsing through a larger collection of images in this story, I felt the impact and the significance of her work. At that point, the context in the captions became supplementary.


Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

I would have liked to see the full photo stories of the work done by WPOW, and at least know which category each photo was selected for. Because of these issues, I was left relying on the captions to learn about the images. I spent more time reading the captions than I did observing the photos, simply because I felt like the captions helped me understand what I couldn’t quite get from looking at each image. A poor job done by FotoWeekDC, in organizing and presenting some exceptional photos taken by WPOW members.


Atlas Genius Plays the Fillmore October 13th (Preview)

Break out the marmite and start belting Waltzing Matilda because Atlas Genius is coming to town…actually skip the marmite and Matilda and head down to the Fillmore on the 13th instead and get a first hand dose of the Australian quartet.

Hailing from Adelaide, the band formed in 2009, when the three Jeffery brothers decided that they wanted to take their music to the big time. Beginning their careers as a cover band, it wasn’t until 2011 that the group released their debut album.

According to Keith Jeffrey, the lead vocalist and guitarist, in an interview for Music Beam in 2012, “[a]s far as the music is concerned, we like to have space, sections where it breathes … [i]t’s hard for us to define our style of music being that we’re inside the songs. I’ve noticed a lot of reviewers calling it Indie/Pop though.”

In 2013 their song “Trojans” topped the Alternative Billboard Chart at number 4, and is currently at number 10. Both catchy and electrifying the song offers not only a beat to move to, but lyrics with great breadth and meaning.

This will be the second time they’ve played the Fillmore, this time as the headliner rather than the opening set. When they first came through they were touring with Imagine Dragons as a part of their Night Visions Tour. So be sure to check them out because you never know when they’ll be back!


Take a listen here


Fall into Fall with Fresh Produce from Your Local Farmers Market

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean that you have to give up your weekly trips to the farmers market for your fresh produce. Instead head to one of DC’s three indoor farmers markets and stay warm and toasty while you do your shopping.


Union Market


Located at 1309 5th St NE and tucked behind DC’s wholesale market the recently renovated Union Market offers more than just farm fresh produce and meats. Open five days a week, the market has a variety of small restaurants and cafes to choose from if you are looking for a new place to dine after you finish shopping. In addition to food, the market also offers special events such as drive-in movies, book signings, and food and drink tasting parties.






Eastern Market


A stones throw from the US Capitol, Eastern Market resides at 227 7th St SE. Eastern Market is DC’s longest continually open market. First opened in 1873, Eastern Market has become a staple of DC life. Open Tuesday through Sunday, the market offers baked good, fresh produce, and quality meats year round. On the weekends artisans and used goods vendors set up a flea market around the Eastern Market building. So be sure to stop by and pick up a trinket or two along with your hot house tomatoes.





Bethesda Farm Women’s Market


Want to shop for fresh product and support sustainability? Then head down to Bethesda’s Farm Women’s Market. Open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the market offers a wide selection of farm friendly products. Looking for entertainment? Well Bethesda Farm Women’s Market offers that too. Check out their website to see a list of all their up coming events.





An Interview with Dainty Dandridge

Dainty Dandridge, along with Glam Gamz came up with The Best of Burlesque(er): Hedwig VS Rocky Horror. I was able to catch up with Dainty and ask her a few questions about her and the show!


Emily Cohen: How did you get involved in Burlesque?

Dainty Dandridge: I was moving back to my hometown for grad school. And I had done a lot of swing dancing when I lived in Austin and I was part of the Lindy Exchange. I did a fundraiser for them, where I went on stage and pretended to play the mandolin and I sang a song in my little girdle, and I was like, “That was fun!” So when I moved back to Detroit, … I saw this ad for auditions for a Burlesque and Varity Troupe called the Detroit Dizzy Dames. So I was their chanteuse, so all I did was sing the gradually transitioned into teasing.


EC: How did you come up with your name?

DD: Dorothy Dandridge was who I took my name from. She was one of the first performers of color who I looked at and said, “I want to do that thing!” I think particularly why she stood out for me was, I really loved old movies and old Hollywood, but I never saw any black performers who weren’t servants, and then TCM [Turner Classic Movies] did this thing where every Black History Month they honor black film and cinematography and they had “Island in the Sun” and “Cabin in the Sky” and “Carmen”… and I remember watching “Island in the Sun” and it just popping at me…  She [Dorthy] just glowed.


EC: How did you come up with the idea of doing this show around Rocky and Hedwig?

DD: I would love to be like there’s this formula and we labored over this… Essentially after the last best of burlesque queer we [Glam Gamz and Danity], like legit, inherited this from the best person who could ever run best of burlesque queer, Roman Mafia… Immediately we were like what are we gonna do next? Both of us were like ‘”Hedwig verse Rocky would make the most sense”.

EC: Who would win in a fight, Rocky or Hedwig?

DD: Hedwig would win every time; it’s just how it is.

The Best of Burlesque(er): Hedwig VS Rocky Horror

On October 11, at the Black Cat, The Best of Burlesque(er): Hedwig VS Rocky Horror revue came through DC. If you weren’t there you should be sorry you missed it because

A dazzling showcase of dancers from up and down the East Coast were ready to blow your minds with acts paying homage to the fabulous cult classics of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Palace Productions presented you with Dr. Ginger Snapz (a recently returned DMV native and burlesque icon), Dick Jones (a rising burlesque star all the way from Harlem), Cherie Sweetbottom (a DC local with an affinity for dramatic acts), and introducing for the first time ever Cockodoodle Dandy and James Fondel of The Sparkle Bois (DC’s very own Trans Boylesque troupe).

The lights dimmed low and the spotlight in the middle of the small stage, the night began. With acts dedicated to the musical showstoppers from Hedwig along with his notorious freak-outs (artfully displayed by the dramatic Dick Jones), the night began without a glitch. Pausing for an intermission with the chance to win a raffle bag with some pretty epic prizes including sexual education workshop for you and friends, organic meals, and more, the show concluded with stunning performances paying tribute to the wonderfully confusing classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Acts ranged from Meatloaf’s character, to the cross-dressing Dr. Frank-N-Furter (who was a woman dressed in drag as a man dressed in drag as a woman, crazy fun right?), and the whole shebang ended with the explosive cult favorite the time warp!

With your magnificent hosts Dainty Dandridge and Dutch Oven and leggy stage kitten Glam Gamz, the night was a hoot and hollering good time.  Brownie points and real prizes were given out to the best-dressed audience member who nailed his Hedwig costume.

If you missed this enthralling group of dancers, fear not, there is another delightfully entrancing burlesque show coming your way this Thursday October 17th at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA.  Boo-B-Tastic is sure to get you in just the right mood for Halloween. Sorry young bloods, this is an 18 and over (with a valid ID) kinda night. Buy your tickets in advance for the cheap price of 12$ at http://www.thestatetheatre.com/events/e1688.xml or on the day of the show for 15$!!

(originally posted on BrightestYoungThings.com)

Stay tuned…

Students from the Fall 2013 semester of Script and News Writing will be uploading their reporting and blogging shortly!

Stay tuned for coverage of marijuana legalization in DC, reviews of local music and art, and much more.

The Artful Post Office

Palisade Post Office

Palisade Post Office

When my neighbor Barbra said I should display my work at the local post office, I really didn’t think much of it.  Truthfully my first thought was how odd, must be a Palisades “thing”.  For thirty minutes Barbra regaled me about about some of the neighborhood artists who had displayed their work there.  I did not think about art at the post after our first conversation until Barbra mentioned it a second time.  This time she showed me  several paintings and two art pieces she had displayed in the past at the post office.  I was impressed, until I saw her work did I began to give the idea the serious thought it deserved.

Barbra  Gardien paintings and fish art

Barbra Gardien paintings and fish art

The Palisade Post Office has displayed the work of neighborhood artist for more than  seven years.  Six years ago Fred Pelzman took over the management of art at the post office after he noticed the same art display have been up for almost a year.  Mr. Pelzman contacted the artist and discoverd the artist had moved to the west coast.  For the next six years he managed the art installation until he turned over management a few months ago  to Shoshana Rosenbaum.

Artist must live in the Palisades and must installed their work and remove it after two months.  Currently on display at the post office is a story book by Lucie Davis for her first grandchild.

Granny's Cat:  Lucie Davis pencil drawing story book for her first grand child.

Granny’s Cat: Lucie Davis pencil drawing