Corcoran Students Unhappy with Potential Sale – Hang Protest Art

By Katie Dance
October 19, 2012

Photo via Katie Macyshyn’s tumblr

With the Corcoran contemplating selling the building and moving elsewhere, students have been expressing their concerns in the form of art.

Last week, students at the Corcoran arrived on Wednesday October 10th to huge signs spelling out, “4SALE” in the Corcoran senior studio windows. Katie Macyshyn, a student at Corcoran, posted on her tumblr:

Students arrive at the Corcoran Wed 10/10 to an unavoidable piece of protest art. At around 11 AM the artwork is taken down by operations, who liked the piece, but were following orders from the provost.

 When asking another student about the protest art, the artist KRH said, “I think it was about time for someone to do something artistically to shed light on the issues on hand.” KRH continues, “If the Corcoran isn’t going to put a for sale sign up, someone else has to.”

Students are not the only ones unhappy with the institution and the possible sale of the building. The activist group Save the Corcoran which argues the financial trouble rests on the board members, sent a letter to the Board of Trustees stating:

Regrettably, it has become clear that the Corcoran has been fundamentally and tragically mismanaged in recent years.

The letter also states:

After years of mismanagement and irrational spending, it is time to bring the arts community into the fold of the Corcoran’s leadership.

The Washington Post and Blouin Art Info reported Mimi Carter, the Corcoran’s spokesperson, said the Corcoran was, “surprised and stressed by many false statements and inaccuracies in the letter.”

Corcoran student and artist KRH commented, “It is unfortunate to see this great institution fall under the responsibility of individuals who cannot be accountable for the financial status of the Corcoran.”

It is unclear as to what the future will hold for the Corcoran Gallery and College of Art + Design, but it is evident that the students and public are unhappy with the potential sale.


Disclosure: The author of this article is a student at Corcoran College of Art + Design.



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