Corcoran’s THEARC Brings Fabulousness to DC Youth

By Jordana Hall


Image Source: TheArc DC

The Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC created a group for public workshops called THEARC, twenty years ago. Cleverly called an “art-reach” program, (like outreach… get it? Out reach, but art. Get it? Get it?!) this program is growing in popularity, and even being covered by local news stations as an important part of DC events.

Since founded in 1992, the program has been evolving, and this years project features some mentoring from Corcoran’s finest and most outrageously creative students. They are assisting DC youth in costume making!

Yes, I said it. Costume making.


ImageThe final product of these student art-duos will be worn by the Washington Ballet for their performance on November 28th.

One to keep an eye out for in the future is Armando Lopez Bircann, performance artist, mentor for ArtReach, and senior at the Corcoran.  If anyone is familiar with Armando Lopez Bircann’s performance work that has been seen at many events throughout the District, ya’ll know he is pure glamour. He works it out in his eye-catching fantastical costumes made with various materials such as glitter, wigs, leather, and even silver body suits.





Also from the Corcoran: Jason Edward Tucker (Founder of Boys Be Good), Rene Medrano (celebrity, sparkle, and anything gold obsessed artist), and many other crazies from the local College.

(Image Sources: Boys Be Good)

The students (youth ranging from 8th grade to seniors in high school) appreciate the outrageousness of the Corcoran student’s creativity as it opens their eyes to accepting anything outlandish or otherwise misunderstood, as “real” art.

And the collaborative aspect of pairing a Corcoran mentor with one student is sure to be a learning experience for both parties.

Every week, the mentees show up to their sessions with new ideas, sketches, or even unrelated projects to present to their mentors.

These kids are beyond stoked to be a part of something that elevates their self-esteem and creativity, and the Corcoran students couldn’t be happier to be there, too!

Disclosure: Jordana Hall is a photojournalism major at the Corcoran College of Art & Design. (…And I hear she’s friends with these weirdos, too!)


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