What war in Afghanistan?

Between March and June this year the Meridian International Center curated an exhibition titled “In Small Things Remembered: The Early Years of U.S.-Afghan Relations”. The exhibition contains hundreds of replica photographs from the early twentieth century till the late 1970s. The viewers will learn about Afghanistan and it’s relationship with the United States through those dates. While this is all well and good, how much do we know about Afghanistan today? Isn’t that equally as important?
One of my roommates, Louie Palu (pictured Left), is an international photographer that has spent quite a few years recently in Afghanistan as a combat photographer. In the video below, Louie speaks about his experience as a photographer in Afghanistan.

Today the war is still going on in Afghanistan. It is America’s longest war to date. It’s hard to think that America could just “forget” about the war… but haven’t they? If you truly ask yourself what wars are going on, does Afghanistan come to mind? The unfortunate truth for most of us, including myself, is that we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten about the war, but more importantly, we’ve forgotten about our soldiers. Our soldiers are on the frontlines of our relations with Afghanistan. They are they impression that Afghanistan has of us. Thanks to people like Louie, we are reminded that the war is still going on. We are reminded that Afghanistan is still on the maps. And, we are reminded that our actions effect Afghanistan. Perhaps, in a few years, Louie’s work will be featured in a Meridian “Us-Afghan Relations” Exhibition.


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