The Flea Market at Eastern Market: Love it or Hate it?

Eastern Market located within the remote neighborhood of Capitol Hill Washington, DC is open 7 days a week since 1873. Those of you who have yet to visit the market can begin to imagine a sweet sensation of fine foods, drinks, and deserts to come. The building itself is home to the public farmer’s market each day it holds new fresh grown foods from within a 30-mile radius. Although the big wow factor to the market itself is the 38,000-foot square lot located outside of the building, which has been called home to the Flea Market at Eastern Market for the last 30 years.

The building has more to offer than what we see, jam packed with individuals from all over fighting for a spot in line either for the fresh grown foods, homemade foods, fresh picked flowers, and plants there is no shortage of freshness within here. Outside of the building is where you can really start to move around, walking from vendor to vendor you will always see something new. From fine art to vintage antiques there is always something to bargain or deal for. If you’re looking for something new and hip the flea market is where to be, or if you’re looking to bring back a flash from the past a nice antique could revive that jive memory. If you walk further along outside of the building you will see not only the fine art and antique vendors, but also many thriving food vendors with foods you couldn’t even imagine to taste on your tongue.  A food vendor to try is the empanada vendor; a homemade Portuguese and Spanish treat of stuffed bread consisting of a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables or fruits.

Along with the empanada vendor there are several homemade doughnut vendors, along with homemade lemonade stands making you feel as though your 9-year-old lemonade stand has truly come to life. The Flea Market at Eastern Market is an area full of enjoyment, and tastes to fill your stomach for the day or more. If you have yet to visit be sure to get there bright and early Saturday morning before the afternoon rush pops in.

Visit there website online here:


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