The Artful Post Office

Palisade Post Office

Palisade Post Office

When my neighbor Barbra said I should display my work at the local post office, I really didn’t think much of it.  Truthfully my first thought was how odd, must be a Palisades “thing”.  For thirty minutes Barbra regaled me about about some of the neighborhood artists who had displayed their work there.  I did not think about art at the post after our first conversation until Barbra mentioned it a second time.  This time she showed me  several paintings and two art pieces she had displayed in the past at the post office.  I was impressed, until I saw her work did I began to give the idea the serious thought it deserved.

Barbra  Gardien paintings and fish art

Barbra Gardien paintings and fish art

The Palisade Post Office has displayed the work of neighborhood artist for more than  seven years.  Six years ago Fred Pelzman took over the management of art at the post office after he noticed the same art display have been up for almost a year.  Mr. Pelzman contacted the artist and discoverd the artist had moved to the west coast.  For the next six years he managed the art installation until he turned over management a few months ago  to Shoshana Rosenbaum.

Artist must live in the Palisades and must installed their work and remove it after two months.  Currently on display at the post office is a story book by Lucie Davis for her first grandchild.

Granny's Cat:  Lucie Davis pencil drawing story book for her first grand child.

Granny’s Cat: Lucie Davis pencil drawing


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