Atlas Genius Plays the Fillmore October 13th (Preview)

Break out the marmite and start belting Waltzing Matilda because Atlas Genius is coming to town…actually skip the marmite and Matilda and head down to the Fillmore on the 13th instead and get a first hand dose of the Australian quartet.

Hailing from Adelaide, the band formed in 2009, when the three Jeffery brothers decided that they wanted to take their music to the big time. Beginning their careers as a cover band, it wasn’t until 2011 that the group released their debut album.

According to Keith Jeffrey, the lead vocalist and guitarist, in an interview for Music Beam in 2012, “[a]s far as the music is concerned, we like to have space, sections where it breathes … [i]t’s hard for us to define our style of music being that we’re inside the songs. I’ve noticed a lot of reviewers calling it Indie/Pop though.”

In 2013 their song “Trojans” topped the Alternative Billboard Chart at number 4, and is currently at number 10. Both catchy and electrifying the song offers not only a beat to move to, but lyrics with great breadth and meaning.

This will be the second time they’ve played the Fillmore, this time as the headliner rather than the opening set. When they first came through they were touring with Imagine Dragons as a part of their Night Visions Tour. So be sure to check them out because you never know when they’ll be back!


Take a listen here


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